About Your Guide Chris Kirchmaier

I first tried the Blue Ribbon Fishery on the San Juan River in 1988 with an American Airline buddy of mine from Montana who told me prior to our adventure, “Kirch, you have to see it to believe it. What an understatement! Joe Montana to Jerry Rice, touch down!”

I’d been fly fishing around the world for nearly 50 years, and I could barely believe what I experienced my first time on the San Juan.

It was as if I’d been transported back to the late 1960s when I fished the free-flowing rivers of Northern California and Southern Oregon where waters teemed with salmon and steelhead trout that swam within easy cast of my fly rod.

The San Juan River continued to call me, drawing me back for the fishing. Its waters released from the outlets at Navajo Dam create a fishery that’s hard, if not impossible to beat.

The San Juan is the reason I decided to move to the Four Corners full time in 2004. And now, I fish full time as founder and guide of Mile High Fly Fishing.

Fly-fishing is one of my passions. I invite you to learn how fly-fishing can become one of your passions, too.

What You Can Expect from Mile High Fly Fishing

  • A knowledgeable, experienced guide
  • Respect for your ability level, whether you’re a seasoned fly-fishing veteran or beginner
  • Expert planning and detailed logistics for the perfect day outing or the impeccable destination trip, including recommendations for local lodging, restaurants and entertainment
  • A river filled with healthy and abundant hovers of brown and rainbow trout numbering in the thousands
  • Great fish stories and personable conversation – when the fishing’s done

Call me to plan your adventure on the Blue-Ribbon Waters of the San Juan River.

Fishing on the Blue-Ribbon Waters of the San Juan River

Sandstone cliffs rim the river valley. Crystal blue sky above; cold, crystal-clear water at your feet – 40 degrees released year-round from the depths of Navajo Lake. Perfect habitat for rainbows and browns, no matter what time of year. 

The perfect cast. Fly touches the water right where you want it. A strike, a BIG strike. Line pulls, rod bows. The beauty wriggles and leaps into the air. She won’t give in willingly. You smile. 

And then, she comes to you – 28 inches of glistening beauty, beauty too precious to keep.

 You let her go, satisfied to have seen a trout so feisty, so strong, so elegant.  

Her memory, the cliffs, the sky, the waters, the ribbons of cottonwood and willow that define the river’s path . . . these are what bring me back to the San Juan River day after day, year after year, for more than 30 years. 

Let me show you the San Juan River as I know it . . . and love it. 

You’ll come to love it, too.


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